Monday, February 27, 2012

Spray The Strawberries

Yaaay! My Bali Ratih strawberry body mist was come. I bought from my buddy. She's sell products of Bali Ratih. Now I have three body mist with fragrances: white rose, chocolate, and strawberry. Thank you Sasa for deliver my order :)
Bali Ratih has 3 kinds products. That is body mist, body scrub, and body butter. The important is the product against animal testing, girls. Amazingly, Bali Ratih exports their products to Japan. 凄い! Proud of Bali, Indonesia \{^o^}/

"Refresh Inner Beauty. Feel Unique and Special" -Bali Ratih tagline

White and Mocha

Today, my parents and I was attending pre-marriage invitation at Restoran Sunda Pajajaran Bekasi. She is my aunt-in-law. I wore: broken white shirt, necklace Flea Market, pleated maxi skirt Yellow Line, wooden clogs. Played with my cell phone camera and found my dad's sunglasses in the car. Yayness!

Well, at this restaurant I just like the avocado juice. Because this drink was the most yummy. How about the other foods? Okay I tell you now. Just so you know, there's no flavor. Less less less salt. The fried calamari, fried fish, fried chicken, soup.. Calamari and chicken is tough. Overall less of flavor.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Indonesia Fashion Week 2012

Today I was attending Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 at Jakarta Convention Center with my boyfriend. I wore: blue velvet shirt Jaclyn Smith, necklace Flea Market, ring Flea Market, woven legging, pointy shoes Gioretty. Took some photos of course hihihi..

Yaay.. first entry at Stella Rissa collection display with IFW 2012 backdrop. Me like like like Stella Rissa design.

At IFW 2012 so many local top designers. Their designs are sooo amazing, gorgeous,  and fabulous. There was fashion schools, fashion medias and fashion stores. Unfortunately, I didn't have fashion show or fashion seminar invitation. No worries. IFW has uploaded videos of fashion shows. So I can still watch the fashion shows via videos.

I found Femina Group Booth and got free photo at they booth hehee.. 


Yesterday  I went to Gandaria City with my high school besties and the only one guy (who came) our high school class mate. I wore: ruffles outerwear Design By Myself, black tee, legging Miss A, house ring Chloris, shoes Amanda Janes for BE.BOB at Centro.

So happy for the day. Met with the besties after a long time. Although our two besties were not able to gather. One of our bestie is on stay in Japan. She got a scholarship in Japan. How a lucky she is: Jennifer. It was about 7 months she is stay in Japan. We miss her. The other one is Ujho. We didn't know why she couldn't come. She doesn't gave us the reason. As usual the girls do. Yes we took some photos of us, chit chat, window shopping.

Early dinner at Nanny's Pavillon Sewing Room. Drank ice tea and ate Potato Pancake which content consist of potato dough with mozarella cheese at the top and parsley, smoked beef and sausage, half-cooked sunny side up, and fresh salad with (maybe) lemon seasoning because it was sourness. I was surprised when the dish is came. It was a big portion that I had imagine. Thank's girls who has helped me to eat up the food. Hihi ;p

Okay after early dinner at Nanny's Pavillon, we continued to go to Solaria. Heheh.. I just ordered frozen cappuccino. Soft, sweet, mmm..sluuuurp :)

Thank's for today girls (Diana, Sasa, Debby, Devi) ({}) and thank you Beni :)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Graduation ❤

Yesterday (10 hours ago) I was attending my boyfriend graduation at Balairung Universitas Indonesia. I wore: maxi dress My Mom's, chiffon blazer Campus Bazaar, necklace Chloris, bangle, x strapped wooden clog. Maxi dress will makes you look tall girls.  I love it.

When we got there,  we immediately took some pictures with amateur photographer. But it was not bad. After that we headed to Balairung and took a seat. It was soooo hoooot.
The graduation ceremony from 2.30 pm until 4 pm. So hot (again).
Finally the graduation ceremony was done. Still hot peeps. Luckily, we carried a folding fan. 
Lastly, happy graduation to my boyfriend for your D3. Success for your career and continue your next S1. Amiin..

Monday, February 13, 2012

Shhh.. Secret

On Sunday. I went to Central Park with my boyfriend. I wore: big sleeve cardigan Melawai, tulle top Campus Bazaar, tailored pants Ramiro, necklace Miss A, ring Flea Market, pointy flat shoes Gioretti at Debenhams. I just didn't know what to wore. So I pick the big sleeve cardigan as outer, tulle top, and tailored pants. Simple look.

Just looked around, window shopping, and of course culinary hehe. I love food. Looked around to late lunch. Felt so hungry. Finally we chosen Secret Recipe. That's not a secret that the food is totally delicious. I recommended you Grill Barbeque Chicken. It's also chef recommended peeps. When you taste the food and eat up, you want eat again and again hahaha (well it's just my opinion) but full. I tasted the lasagna, too mushy. How about the drinks? Yes that is very Lemon Squash very lemon. It's good for diet hahah.

Relax at Tribeca Park and took some photos :)