Wednesday, November 23, 2011

lunch lunch

last sunday went to Tebet Green with my family for lunch. that's a new place to food adventure. that's a food mall.
i heart fish and chips + iced lemonade. also tasted ikan fillet asam manis and ayam goreng mentega. i'm totally full. alhamdulillah :)

wore: scallop collar blouse Design By My Self, necklace Miss A

birthday surprise

last saturday after choir activity we prepare for a birthday surprise (it was late actually) for kak Restu (our sister at Rascho) and little celebration after perform at UAI Graduation. the surprise so funny because kak Restu was ‘kidnapped’ by our some friends and the room was deep dark. hahaha.. this celebration also for kak Restu’s graduation.

anyway, i love the piece of blueberry cheese cake and foods. i’m full.

happy birthday and graduation kak Restu :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

latest post: a trip at University of Indonesia

ice lemon tea

fried rice

my hero

on friday morning, from rail station and get into yellow bus. walked road to Vokasi Building and back into yellow bus head to FIB Library. while i and my boyfriend arrived at FIB, the library was closed. it was the second time. evidently, it have moved to Perpustakaan Universitas Indonesia (the center).
walked road to Perpustakaan Universitas Indonesia. searched, searched, and searched till i hungry. head to FISIP for lunch, finally.
back to Perpustakaan Universitas Indonesia and searched again. finally i found the book that i need for my essay S1. i just found one.
felt so tired, but it was fun because of you by my side.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

my dish for breakfast: paprika yaki raisu with chicken karage

I like yaki raisu (fried rice) without soy sauce. Chicken karage wasn't my dish. That was fast food which bought from supermarket and you just deep fry them.

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