Saturday, September 14, 2013


I've got two free ticket pass to Jak-Japan Matsuri 2013 and I won't make it useless. So, I came to matsuri  (matsuri: Japanese festival) at Monas: Jak-Japan Matsuri 2013 with my boyfriend. It was my first time to came to matsuri hahahaha. I was so excited to see the parades in matsuri. Lucky me, I came late but I still could see the parade. Although just one parade: Omikoshi and Dashi. So excited hahaha.. Tanoshikatta >.<

We had lunch at SushiGroove before go to matsuri. I had Crab Tempura Sushi Burger, Iwate Roll and Teriyaki Roll. The taste of Sushi Burger was so goooood. Oishikatta! Addicted with Sushi Burger :p

I dress up like a Japanese hehehehe. I wore Uniqlo Semi Denim Top from Pasar SenenUnbranded Stripe Crop Top, Uniqlo Linen Pants, RCH Shop Flowers Doc Mart.