Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jogja Trip - Day 2

Hellooooo readers! Welcome back on my blog to continuing read my Jogja trip story. This is the second day on Jogja. Really awesome and cool! Let me tell you these in second day! Here we go again!

First destination : Indrayanti Beach
This beach is located at Tepus, Gunung Kidul. FYI, there are many beaches in Jogja. We decided to Indrayanti Beach because this beach is the most beautiful beach between the other beaches in Jogja. That day was so hot and the wave was so big. Oh just so you know, the road when heading to the beach is winding and the region was so barren. There are so many rocky hills. That's why that region so barren.
Don't you see this pics that the beach is so beautiful? And clear sky..

 This fun pic was taken from Aroel's camera and edited by me.

Second destination : Pindul Cave 
This place is still located at the same region like Indrayanti Beach. Located at Bejiharjo, Gunung Kidul. This place is  really cool  for the adventurer. Adventuring in a cave is so cool. You should go to this cave. Around a river with a big tire and lifebelt. Felt the sensation of the darkness inside a cave. Saw many beautiful stalactites and so many bats on ceiling cave. And.. Jump from a cliff. Oh yeah! That was cool! But I've got crams on my finger foot after jump. Hahaha that was not cool. This two pics was taken from Aroel's camera and edited by me.

Third Destination : House of Raminten
Located on Jl. Faridan Muridan Noto, Kotabaru. So, after adventuring at Pindul Cave we had a dinner at a popular restaurant in Jogja. This restaurant's seat is lesehan. The interior and decor is so traditional. Even the waiter and waitress is wear a traditional cloth. So unique.
I drank Wedang Serai and ate Sego Goreng Ati Ampela. Don't you see this pic that the glass is so tall? Yes it is. The tallest drink glass that I drank ever. And the plate is big too.

Fourth destination : Alun-Alun Yogyakarta
Same like the name. This place is located at Alun-Alun Yogyakarta region. Alun-alun is the night tours, because it will live at the night. Many carts and bikes to ride around Alun-alun. This place is so crowd on Saturday night.

So hard to took a photo when riding a cart. So, the result was blur but cool. Like this yo!
"Efek Sebuah Ketidaksengajaan Dalam Mengambil Foto Saat Mengendarai Kereta Gemerlap"

Soooo that was my finale Jogja trip story. Hope you like it, readers. Me miss you Jogja :))