Sunday, February 26, 2012

Indonesia Fashion Week 2012

Today I was attending Indonesia Fashion Week 2012 at Jakarta Convention Center with my boyfriend. I wore: blue velvet shirt Jaclyn Smith, necklace Flea Market, ring Flea Market, woven legging, pointy shoes Gioretty. Took some photos of course hihihi..

Yaay.. first entry at Stella Rissa collection display with IFW 2012 backdrop. Me like like like Stella Rissa design.

At IFW 2012 so many local top designers. Their designs are sooo amazing, gorgeous,  and fabulous. There was fashion schools, fashion medias and fashion stores. Unfortunately, I didn't have fashion show or fashion seminar invitation. No worries. IFW has uploaded videos of fashion shows. So I can still watch the fashion shows via videos.

I found Femina Group Booth and got free photo at they booth hehee.. 


  1. Kak Tia, bibirnya kenapa gitu?? Ada lalet yaa??? hahahahaha

  2. husss! hahaha. kamu comment foto yg mana sih piii? hahah