Monday, February 13, 2012

Shhh.. Secret

On Sunday. I went to Central Park with my boyfriend. I wore: big sleeve cardigan Melawai, tulle top Campus Bazaar, tailored pants Ramiro, necklace Miss A, ring Flea Market, pointy flat shoes Gioretti at Debenhams. I just didn't know what to wore. So I pick the big sleeve cardigan as outer, tulle top, and tailored pants. Simple look.

Just looked around, window shopping, and of course culinary hehe. I love food. Looked around to late lunch. Felt so hungry. Finally we chosen Secret Recipe. That's not a secret that the food is totally delicious. I recommended you Grill Barbeque Chicken. It's also chef recommended peeps. When you taste the food and eat up, you want eat again and again hahaha (well it's just my opinion) but full. I tasted the lasagna, too mushy. How about the drinks? Yes that is very Lemon Squash very lemon. It's good for diet hahah.

Relax at Tribeca Park and took some photos :)

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