Friday, January 13, 2012

Buffet Shoes

On tuesday me and my friends went to The Plaza Semanggi accompanied one of our friends for hunting a pretty shoes (formal party). First track was Centro. My friend falling in love with one of some pairs of pretty gold shoes. But there was no size for her. Her feet size is bigger than our feet size. Another store was nothing at all for pretty shoes and there was no size for her. The last choice came back to Centro. Finally we found pretty gold shoes for her. For this time her feet size was available. And.. I found the mary jane shoes! I want it! Oh..
We felt so thirsty and tried to sit and drank something, but confused. Finally we decided to came in The Buffet. There is many offer to enjoy the all foods with lower price. For student, you can get IDR 35k if you show your student card. Don't worry if you didn't bring your student card, because you can show your university library card :). Student price valid form monday to friday, from 1.30 pm till 6 pm. Another offer is crazy hour. It's same day with student price but the time and price is different.Crazy hour is about IDR 39k. Don't worry they still have another offer. Get 50% payment for your grandma or grandpa just show the ID card (KTP) that show your grandma or grandpa is 65 years old and more. Remember you can try all the foods there, all you can eat. It's not include for drink, but free refill.
Okay let's the story of culinary begin..
We drank iced tea IDR 15k and free refill (don't forget to pour the liquid sugar beside refill box)

This is first time for me to enjoy the all foods there. I never eat at The Buffet before. So at the first session I pick potato wedges, fish fillet, tuna sambal bangkok, lasagna, and penne carbonara. For this session I recommended potato wedges and fish fillet. So tasty. I like it. I felt full enough. Waited for the second session to enjoy the another foods.

Woohh! Here they are..too much. My faults. I'm sorry foods..
I pick potatoes, garlic bread, spaghetti, roasted chicken, fettucini black pepper, chicken karage, chicken lemon, and pizza. For this session I recommended chicken karage (tasty but like chicken skin), potatoes, and roasted chicken. In this session I'm totally full. I can't ate them anymore.
Okay peoples, I advice if you want to try eat something at all you can eat restaurant you better try it little and don't too much just because you really want it.
Total payment for one person: IDR 60k (include tax and service)

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