Monday, December 26, 2011

Smile and Eat

today i went to mall with my boyfriend. we waited the rain fall until stop and then go ride.
i wore: crop shirt Secondhand Market, brown ribbon, jeans, braid belt, house ring Chloris, twisted shoes Centro

felt thirsty and wanted eat something. headed to food court for drank an orange juice and ate chicken strips.

after walked around and bought somethings, drink and ate again. takoyaki, the ball octopus. yummy yummy!

My Dish for Breakfast: Fried Rice Scrambled Egg

 おいしかった :)

Duo Chocolate

i made some chocolate puddings and the vla. it was second time i made kind of jelly. but it was the first time i made the vla. i never made it before. just saybismillah for every activity that i’ll do. and voila..

chocolate pudding with cookies flakes before poured the vla.

the last touch.. poured the vla around puddings. yaaaay.. it’s tasty enough peeps. the milk flavor was very tasted.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Foods

today, my family and I went to wedding party at Gatot Soebroto.
wore : ruffles outerwear Design By My Self, flower dress For Her, shoes Yongki Komaladi.
p.s.: sorry for the bad quality image taken from mirror :p




dim sum

fried rice and friends
I'm full full full :p 

Long Saturday Night

yesterday, after choir activity. i went to Senayan City with my boyfriend.
wore : white knit blouse Night Flea Market, lace scarf Jojo's Boutique, jeans, twisted shoes Centro

first, early dinner at Sushi Tei. ate the sushi after a long time. I ate 4 kind of sushi with him. soooo full. hard to breath, hard to walk.

after we pray in maghrib time, then we went to Debenhams. there's a sale. christmas sale i think. i was looking for flat shoes. because i need a new one. so many beautiful and cute goods there. want it want that. huuuhh.. tried some shoes but no more size for my feet. and finally i found it at the ground floor. Gioretti. a simple flat shoes in dusty pink color.

Friday, December 16, 2011

my dish today: fettucine scrambled egg

actually i just want cooked a fettucine marinara. but, just because i want eat an omelet, so i tried to mix the sauce and scrambled egg. voila.. it was tasty :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Little Italiano

last thursday night me and my friends went to Italian resto. we treated by our friend.
Signora Pasta. the restaurant is specially serving Italian food. you can eat any kind of pasta. not only pasta that you can eat here,  but also another Italian food like pizza.
i’m so in love with this restaurant. i love with the exterior and interior restaurant. it’s so italiano and vintage. so so in looove.. and the name of this restaurant also italiano. i’ve been searching on google translate what’s the meaning of signora. it’s mean lady. 
here’s the picture of exterior Signora Pasta: taken from kompas

Monday, December 5, 2011

All Day Long Trip

yesterday, on sunday 4th December me and my family took a one day trip that held by neighborhood group to Sari Ater, West Java. it's hot spring water place. i wore: simple color top Design By My Self, color chain necklace Flea Market, straw bag, flat sandals Yongki Komaladi.

during the trip at the bus i ate chocolate biscuit. it's tim tam. i like it. yummy choco. i think it was long trip. it was spent about 3 half hours. because of the long trip, i got a headache.

but I still took some photos at Dayang Sumbi Hall, Sari Ater. the flower and rocks in the glass. pink table cloth. the shiny couple (spoon and fork). 

finally lunch time. I felt so hungry. appetizer dish is sausages soup. it was tasty.

the main course is bakwan jagung, kakap fillet saus asam manis, black pepper beef, and of course rice.

I didn't swim at Sari Ater swimming pool. so i just sit on a chair, looked around, ate some snacks and took some photos. I'm still headache at that time.
next destination is Cihampelas. while arrived at Cihampelas, all peoples was going to shopping except me. i just stay at the bus because the headache. I use the time to slept while peoples are outside there. pity me because couldn't shopping at Cihampelas. but I felt happy enough because i can enjoy the trip.

Happy 2nd Anniversary

last saturday was a lovely day, because it was our 2nd anniversary on December 3rd. so lovely. i wore: navy knit blouse Pasar Senen, classy lady necklace Pasar Senen, shredded jeans Nobby, fringe flats Milano

went to PIM and early dinner at Wendy’s. I ate spaghetti and drank orange juice. 

window shopping to book store and boutiques :p. then take some photos of us at photo booth with lomo effect. i love lomo effect. it’s vintage. by the way, sorry for the bad quality of this photo. i didn’t scan these photos hehe..

this is it.. my present for 2nd anniversary. i present this for my boyfriend. i just didn’t know what i have to present 2nd anniversary. just made a simple creations with the simple things.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

lunch lunch

last sunday went to Tebet Green with my family for lunch. that's a new place to food adventure. that's a food mall.
i heart fish and chips + iced lemonade. also tasted ikan fillet asam manis and ayam goreng mentega. i'm totally full. alhamdulillah :)

wore: scallop collar blouse Design By My Self, necklace Miss A