Sunday, December 29, 2013


Went to Kota Kasablanka last Sunday with my Boyfie. It was rainy all day long. It was cold outside. So, I wore H&M Fluffy Knit Sweater, I am Necklace, Floral Pant, Amanda Janes by Be-Bob Loafers, Yema Watch.
This sweater is very comfy and fluffy. I love it so much! This sweater is perfect to keep your body warm. I love it I love it.. Hmmm.. Yeess.. So fluffy <3
Sale everywhere! Sale in every shop! Gonna be crazy with the sale! I've bought a small classic bag from Bershka and a flowers print wallet from Stradivarius. I took this bag because it is classic design. Because classic is timeless. It can wear anytime.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Mi Amo Rosa

Went to Grand Indonesia and visited The Meet Market on last Saturday. Yes Saturday night with my bestie.
I wore a simple outfit. One piece outfit. I wore Earth Music & Ecology Rabbit Silhouette Print Dress from Pasar Senen, I am Rose Necklace, Amanda Janes Loafers from Centro. I love this dress's brand. I have one shirt from this brand too. I've got it from a thrift shop. I just realized it and I love this brand and the collections. Earth Music & Ecology is Japanese brand. I wish this brand come to Indonesia like Uniqlo came to Indonesia. I wish I wish I wish..

At The Meet Market, I visited Momo Cuppy's booth. I've been looking for roses print tissue box for a long time and I found it at Momo Cuppy. Finally I found it. I was happy! I also bought one pack roses print tin mug + tray. I loooove these..

Tired after looking around and try to tasted a Mexican Restaurant. Named Sombrero (FYI: Sombrero is Mexican hat). I had 1 Sampler contains of 3 snacks; Taco Nacho, Dip 'n Wing and Fuerro Burrito, with Salsa and Guacamole Sauce. My bestie had Taco Nacho, Quesadilla, Chi Mi Changa, and Aztec Tortilla Soup. My favorite was Fuerro Burrito. Taste was good!

I ate Nutella Bread Toast with Choco Crunch Topping on the Friday night at Warung Nagih. This place was bigger and better.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Rainy Season is begin.

Time to wear anything that can make your body warm. It is rainy season, but not for all day long. Still hot at the several time a day. So I just wore a shawl to make my neck warm. 

Blouse from Thrift Shop, Floral Pant from Helena Boutique, Amanda Janes Bow Loafers from Centro

Rainy? Hot tea is the best drink to enjoy the rainy day.
Afternoon tea at Kembang Lawang Restaurant. It was my first time to drank Teh Poci. We didn't use castor sugar for Teh Poci, but use lump sugar. This is Indonesian traditional way to enjoy a cup of tea.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Basic Stripes

Stripes Long Sleeve from Pasar Senen, Beige Trouser from Pasar Senen, Yongki Komaladi Loafers