Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Love Sunday

Spent time with boyfie on Sunday. Wore Knit Sweater from Colorbox, Corduroy Pants from Mom's, Necklace from Flea Market, Braids Belt from Flea Market, Black Classic Watch, Crochet Flats from TLTSN.

As you know, I looove culinary. Taste this and that. So, I spent money for it. Lunchy at Pizza Restaurant and dinner at Bebek Kuali Teras Quliner. 

As Indonesian, when I feel soooo starving I choose Indonesian authentic cuisine, and Bebek Rica-Rica + Rice + Salad was my chosen for dinner. Bebek Rica-Rica or   in English is Rica-Rica Duck. Actually the taste is should be spicy because the name is 'Rica-Rica'. Rica-Rica is a seasoning just like chili sauce or sambal. When I taste the 'Rica-Rica', it was not spicy at all. Instead it was salty but little bit sweet. As Indonesian, I love rice when I feel so hungry. 

...and I try to taste Tiramisu Cake from Breadtalk.