Monday, January 30, 2012

Hearts On My Top

Last night (yeah this is second time for me to go out night with my boyfriend surely just for near place) dinner with my boyfriend at TIS Square. I wore: heart top Flea Market, camel corduroy My Mom's, belt, ring, fringe flat shoes Gabino at Milano.

Actually I was sprue inside my mouth. It was about one week and last night my boyfriend gave me a few gel on my sprue. It doesn't hurt at all. Really. I felt better until I can ate enjoyable. Yes he is my hero. He can makes me feel better. Hehehe ;p

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Boy Meets Girl

Yesterday, I went to ITC Kuningan with my boyfriend bought a gift for my mom's birthday on january 26th. After that went to Kalibata City Square (the begin is) just for accompanied my boyfriend window shopping at League Bazaar. But I've found a velvet shirt. Happiness!
I wore: blouse Pasar Senen, tailored pants, necklace as bracelet Made by Mom, ring Flea Market, flat shoes Debenhams

Monday, January 23, 2012

Yummy Color

Today I went to Jakarta Convention Center with my family. I wore: long sleeve lace Branded Bazaar, ripped shawl Kemang Bazaar, jeans, flat shoes Debenhams. My parents came to JCC just for searching dinning chair. I found some classic furniture and I'm falling in love with them. Oooh..beautiful..

Saturday, January 21, 2012

First Cupcakes

Hello back again to my blog. Now I wanna share you about my first cupcakes trial.
Yeah I actually first time made a really cakes. I've ever made a cakes before this time, but that was just pour the ready cook flour and add eggs and butter and mix. For this time I made cupcakes with many ingredients. Flour, coco powder, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla essence, dark cooking chocolate, and milk. I had sweat but it was really fun made cupcakes for the first time. I made this helped with my brother to pick the ingredients hihi. The recipes came from many source. I mix them hehe. Baked in oven about 30 minutes. Voila! Here it is the results.. The petites and the big..

For the icing I've try to make strawberry cream with butter, powdered sugar, and food coloring. But the taste hmm..little not yummy and not creamy. I don't know I just can't made icing cream nicely. So, I gave the cupcakes for my boyfriend with Ceres dark chocolate spread hehe..  But for the cupcakes I think it's delicious enough. boyfriend and his mom said my cupcakes is yummy hihi ;p

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pink Crochet Dress

Window shopping at Pasaraya Grande with my mom. Many clothes amazing there, but I'm so in love with this crochet dress. The brand is Luire. Looked, touched, and saw the price. La la la la crazy price. Like a gadget price. Okay just knew. Bye beautiful :)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Are My Sugar

I Went to Kuningan City with my boyfriend today. Cloudy and then rainy..
Wore : broken white tees Flea Market, wide trouser Pasar Senen, necklace Flea Market, ring Flea Market, bag Gifted, flats Debenhams.

Actually, we just had one destination. Shopping to hypermarket. Okay, yes we were at Lotte Mart while arrived. We found some ingredients which we need to made a tuna sandwich. All ingredients have found. While I'm looking for vanilla essence (for made a cake), I saw package of Gulaku Sugar Sticks. These are so cute package. I bet you like these too. Really, these are so cute 

After shopping at hypermarket, we walked around to late lunch. Yes, because we were hungry and we had another destination. Late lunch. So hungry at that time. Because this mall is new, just some store have open. 

Lastly, this Tuna Sandwich made by me for my boyfriend. So easy dish. Just put your ingredients that you want or that you like (lettuce, paprika, onion, black pepper cheese, flakes tuna sandwich), spread the mayonnaise, and chili sauce on the bread. Hap! Say what you taste hahah :D

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Three Friends

Today me and mom went to Asemka Market. Actually, my mom just wanted looking for some umbrellas for sell to her friends. But this is ladies habit. When arrived there, we came into accessories shop (I instigate my mom to came in hihi ;p). We were looking for necklace. I'm looking for short necklace not long necklace. I've got it. Mom have got it too. Mom bought an ethnic necklace. Big necklace made from wooden. Then my mom show me the ring that I want for long time. Classy lady .
When we waited for the umbrellas, we walked around and I found statement necklace. I really want the necklace since long time and I found it with the affordable price ♥.

French Onion

On wednesday, I tried to cook a recipe from book recipes: Romantic Dinner + Breakfast and Lunch (Weekend) that I've ever bought before and I posted on my blog. Named French Onion.
Simple ingredients. You just need butter, onion, flour, broth, salt and pepper for tasted and bread toast. Perhaps because I added basil leaves at the end and I didn't taste it anymore, it was more salty ;p

Buffet Shoes

On tuesday me and my friends went to The Plaza Semanggi accompanied one of our friends for hunting a pretty shoes (formal party). First track was Centro. My friend falling in love with one of some pairs of pretty gold shoes. But there was no size for her. Her feet size is bigger than our feet size. Another store was nothing at all for pretty shoes and there was no size for her. The last choice came back to Centro. Finally we found pretty gold shoes for her. For this time her feet size was available. And.. I found the mary jane shoes! I want it! Oh..
We felt so thirsty and tried to sit and drank something, but confused. Finally we decided to came in The Buffet. There is many offer to enjoy the all foods with lower price. For student, you can get IDR 35k if you show your student card. Don't worry if you didn't bring your student card, because you can show your university library card :). Student price valid form monday to friday, from 1.30 pm till 6 pm. Another offer is crazy hour. It's same day with student price but the time and price is different.Crazy hour is about IDR 39k. Don't worry they still have another offer. Get 50% payment for your grandma or grandpa just show the ID card (KTP) that show your grandma or grandpa is 65 years old and more. Remember you can try all the foods there, all you can eat. It's not include for drink, but free refill.
Okay let's the story of culinary begin..
We drank iced tea IDR 15k and free refill (don't forget to pour the liquid sugar beside refill box)

This is first time for me to enjoy the all foods there. I never eat at The Buffet before. So at the first session I pick potato wedges, fish fillet, tuna sambal bangkok, lasagna, and penne carbonara. For this session I recommended potato wedges and fish fillet. So tasty. I like it. I felt full enough. Waited for the second session to enjoy the another foods.

Woohh! Here they are..too much. My faults. I'm sorry foods..
I pick potatoes, garlic bread, spaghetti, roasted chicken, fettucini black pepper, chicken karage, chicken lemon, and pizza. For this session I recommended chicken karage (tasty but like chicken skin), potatoes, and roasted chicken. In this session I'm totally full. I can't ate them anymore.
Okay peoples, I advice if you want to try eat something at all you can eat restaurant you better try it little and don't too much just because you really want it.
Total payment for one person: IDR 60k (include tax and service)

Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Lunch Dish : Grill Shrimp with Sweet Sauce

I made this shrimp today for my lunch. Before I grilled, the shrimp was seasoning by mom with garlic, sesame oil, and salt. Then I added some pepper powder, basil leaf, tomato+ chili + soy sauce. Grilled with butter. The seasoning was more on the bowl and I tried to cook it. Then pour into the grill shrimp. Simple right? 

My Dinner Dish : Fish Fillet Sweet Sauce

Tomato, chili, and soy sauce. Mmm..delicioso! But the fish was more salt. Hehe ;p

Friday, January 6, 2012

Dice Bread Scrambled Egg

Just made simple breakfast dish. Slice the bread into some pieces and mixed with scrambled egg and sate ayam. With butter, garlic, onion, and basil leaf.

Fettucini Carbonara

Hollaaa! This is my dish last night. Actually it was not my dinner dish, because before i cooked this i had a dinner. I just tried to cook fettucini carbonara. Tasty, but perhaps it was little more salt or butter. But tasty! I love it <3

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Late Post : Rascacielos Choir Recital and Charity 2011

Last Thursday on 29 December 2011 Rascho presented a mini concert. An event who performed especially by new member of Rascho 2011. The charity in this event was cooperated with Lembaga Amil Zakat Al-Azhar Peduli Ummat.
one of all performance
picture taken from Jani Azizah
picture taken from Ka Dessy
Okay thank you very much who watched Rascho's performance. Don't Stop to always watch Rascho's performance in the next time. Because we believe that Everybody's Changing to give the best performance. What A Wonderful World if you all are can watch Rascho's performances. <3
p.s.: the font that I bold and italic is three of nine songs title.

Chocolate Pudding and Whipped Cream

I made this pudding last night, but served it this morning. Served with instant whipped cream, mocha sauce, and biscuit for garnish. beautiful <3

Monday, January 2, 2012

I Lace You

this new year day i went to Grand Indonesia with my boyfriend. just spent time new year holiday at mall hehe..
wore : lace shirt Branded Bazaar, necklace Miss A, bag Gifted from aunty, jeans, flat shoes Debenhams

spent time for window shopping, walked around, and late lunch at Pasta de Waraku. it's been long time that i really want eat hanito for the third time. i didn't eat rice or pasta. i just ate hanito, because i'm not really hungry. my boyfriend ate pasta. it was tasty! chef recommended peeps.