Saturday, November 17, 2012

Jogja Trip - Day 2

Hellooooo readers! Welcome back on my blog to continuing read my Jogja trip story. This is the second day on Jogja. Really awesome and cool! Let me tell you these in second day! Here we go again!

First destination : Indrayanti Beach
This beach is located at Tepus, Gunung Kidul. FYI, there are many beaches in Jogja. We decided to Indrayanti Beach because this beach is the most beautiful beach between the other beaches in Jogja. That day was so hot and the wave was so big. Oh just so you know, the road when heading to the beach is winding and the region was so barren. There are so many rocky hills. That's why that region so barren.
Don't you see this pics that the beach is so beautiful? And clear sky..

 This fun pic was taken from Aroel's camera and edited by me.

Second destination : Pindul Cave 
This place is still located at the same region like Indrayanti Beach. Located at Bejiharjo, Gunung Kidul. This place is  really cool  for the adventurer. Adventuring in a cave is so cool. You should go to this cave. Around a river with a big tire and lifebelt. Felt the sensation of the darkness inside a cave. Saw many beautiful stalactites and so many bats on ceiling cave. And.. Jump from a cliff. Oh yeah! That was cool! But I've got crams on my finger foot after jump. Hahaha that was not cool. This two pics was taken from Aroel's camera and edited by me.

Third Destination : House of Raminten
Located on Jl. Faridan Muridan Noto, Kotabaru. So, after adventuring at Pindul Cave we had a dinner at a popular restaurant in Jogja. This restaurant's seat is lesehan. The interior and decor is so traditional. Even the waiter and waitress is wear a traditional cloth. So unique.
I drank Wedang Serai and ate Sego Goreng Ati Ampela. Don't you see this pic that the glass is so tall? Yes it is. The tallest drink glass that I drank ever. And the plate is big too.

Fourth destination : Alun-Alun Yogyakarta
Same like the name. This place is located at Alun-Alun Yogyakarta region. Alun-alun is the night tours, because it will live at the night. Many carts and bikes to ride around Alun-alun. This place is so crowd on Saturday night.

So hard to took a photo when riding a cart. So, the result was blur but cool. Like this yo!
"Efek Sebuah Ketidaksengajaan Dalam Mengambil Foto Saat Mengendarai Kereta Gemerlap"

Soooo that was my finale Jogja trip story. Hope you like it, readers. Me miss you Jogja :))

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jogja Trip - Day 1

Hellooooo readers! I'm back with many stories that I've got. About 2 weeks ago, my friends (called kazoku) and I had a super awesome trip during 2 days only. Yes! That was Jogja! Oh.. I want to come back again with kazoku. I miss Jogja. Well, I'll tell you about my trip :))
The trip was began in this train, from Stasiun Senen. What a long way from Jakarta to Jogja with a train. But we enjoyed it!

Arrived at Stasiun Tugu Jogja on Friday about 4.30 a.m. and go to hotel/house with a travel car. Then we check-in at Rumah Nugraha Hotel, came in to the room aaaand jump into the bed. Aaaah beeed hahahah.. Met a bed is super happy! Try to imagine during 10 hours in a train, no bed, just sit back on a chair.. It made you into stiff. Before we took a shower, we back to sleep again because our sleep time in a train was not enough. Btw, 5 a.m. in Jogja it's like 6 a.m. in Jakarta. It was lighter than Jakarta at that time.

First destination : Taman Sari
It's located at Jl. Taman, Keraton. Taman Sari is such a place to relaxing for King of Keraton Jogja (called Sultan) and wives (called Selir). Taman Sari located at one district with Keraton Yogyakarta. Let me tell you about these pictures. One by one :))
I took a pictures when entry to first gate of Taman Sari. What do you think about this? Beautiful, wonderful, amazing, classic, artistic. Yes that's it! What a beautiful architecture in kingdom era. Btw, weather in Jogja at that day is so hot. You can see from pic that I took; the sky was so clear, isn't it?

Then, the guide of Taman Sari tell to us about this place. But frankly, I forgot what this place used to hehehe sorry.. This place is full of beautiful carving.

After we stop at previous place, then we go to the next place. I love took pics at Taman Sari because it's a beautiful place. So, I took a pic of this gate into a bath pool. Don't you think that this place is full of artistic too?

This is it! A place to take a bath for wives of Sultan. It's bath pool or called "water castle". There is not just a pool but also have some fountains. The bath pool it's not just one, but two. How luxurious..

After we saw beautiful bath pool, we were going to a place for sauna. This pics above is entrance to a sauna room. Again, carving everywhere. Awesome!

Voila... This is place to sauna. In kingdom era, obviously they have a sauna. It's traditional sauna. The heat is generated from coal stove under a seat of sauna. Like grilling a food right? Hehehe.. This traditional sauna usually used for Sultan while seeing his wives in bath pool.

Last but not least, we arrived at last stopover at Taman Sari. Took a photo of us (minus Akbar "ayah" and Rizki "oom"). I don't know what the name of this place. Hehehe..
The day was very hot and we continued into the next destination. There we gooo!

Second destination : Keraton Yogyakarta
It's located on Jl. Rotowijayan. Still the same district with Taman Sari. Just took a few minutes from Taman Sari to Keraton Yogyakarta with used a car. Keraton is a place for Sultan to live. It's home, it's kingdom. This place is very spacious. There is many kind of room. You should go to Keraton to know clearly about this place.
This is a first place that I took the pic. This place is for playing traditional music such as gamelan and singing (sinden) by Abdi Dalem.

So many foreign tourists were visited this Keraton. Moreover Japanese tourists. We found some Japanese tourists who visited to this place. Cool! This roof cover is very Java, very Jogja! Can you feel the environment of Jogja with seeing this pic? I can feel it..

Who don't know this sculpture? It's Jogja typical. We can see this sculpture in Jogja. Especially at this Keraton.

Next to that sculpture, we took a photo in front of second gate at Keraton. On this gate, written in Javanese script. I don't know how to read it and what it means.

This place is located on the left side of second gate (previous pic). There is two sculpture of Abdi Dalem. That's so similar with humans. Even my friend guess that is a man who is sitting quietly. 

After we entry into  that gate, we found this. It's like gazebo. This place is for music show and entertaining a guess. This gazebo surrounded with beautiful flowers. Beautiful, isn't it? 

Then, the guide led us to a room containing vintage and classic collections of Keraton. This mirror is one of many collections. Awesome!

After around the room, we headed to this place. Perhaps, this place is a guess room. Very luxurious. Began from the terrace. All luxurious with touch of gold colour.

Entry to this room and saw this table and chairs. So vintage, right?

Let's look at the top of the ceiling! It's so beautiful. So luxurious. The crystal lamp and the ceiling is a perfect match. Beautiful match.

Okay, that is the last pic at Keraton. The destination is not stop in here. There were still three more destinations :))

Third destinations : Museum Ullen Sentalu
It's located at Kaliurang. A breezy and comfy location. Ullen Sentalu is one of  tourism at Kaliurang. This museum is not a heritage from government of Jogja. But, this is a private museum that established by the wealthy at Jogja. Ullen Sentalu is a museum of art and Javanese culture. Every spot at this place is awesome.

At Ullen Sentalu we weren't allowed to took a picture while in the collection rooms. We were allowed to took a picture at the outside of the collection rooms. Like on this pictures bellow. We saw some boys and girls were dancing (traditional dance) in a room. Kids should learn like this! And we are too. Conserving culture of Indonesia.

Because of the name : museum of art and Javanese culture, so surely this place full of art. Like on this picture bellow. Very artistic.

When you're look at this pic, do you expect that is a museum building? I think it is the most beautiful museum building. I've never seen like this before. After that, we were given a drink that taste like wedang jahe (ginger).

I don't know what the name of this spot. But surely, this gate is cool! Looks old. Me love this!

If you go up the stairs and go to the right, there you'll found a restaurant and a batik shop. If you go down the stairs, it's a way to exit. What a lovely place!

One more, if this a museum of art and Javanese culture is there is three sculpture of woman and girl. Very artistic and full of meaning.

This gate is a way to exit. Don't you think that this gate is classic? I love it so much!
If you going to Jogja, you have to visit Ullen Sentalu. You definitely will not regret.

Fourth destination : Malioboro
Like the name, it's located on Jl. Malioboro. The most popular place in Jogja. Malioboro is crowded at night. Even it's not  on Saturday night. There is many food shops, clothing shops, mall, food trucks, and flea market. Food price at Malioboro lesehan (ate by sitting on the floor with no chair) is like at Jakarta. Even more expensive. After around some lesehan at Malioboro, we decided to ate at Lesehan Citra Rasa. Some of us ate at fast food chicken restaurant. I ate Pecel Ayam. Just so you know, the sambal is trick me. Looks like not spicy, but obviously it was so hot hot baby!

Took a picture of us at Malioboro. This pic was taken by Sonia "bunda" camera.

Fifth destination : Bukit Bintang
It's located at Patuk Hills, Kidul Mountain. This place looks like Puncak, West Java. The road looks like Puncak too. Yes! Because it's hills district. There is many lesehan cafe. We enjoy the late night at this lesehan cafe. This pic was taken by Sonia.

While enjoy the view at night, we ordered a drink. I drank a ginger.

Aaaaand this is it! Bukit Bintang. You just can feel it at night. Beautiful place. Must place to go in Jogja.

Our destination at day 1 is end at Bukit Bintang. What a long destination. Full day! See you on the next post. I'll posting destinationn at day 2. Just wait.. See you soon :))

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sushi Oh Sushi

Had a late lunch at Sushi Tei. I looooooove sushi. So yummy! Me likey Salmon Tornado Roll. The shape is different. It wasn't like sushi shape generally. The shape is like a leaf? Or onigiri? It's triangle. Okay whatever. Overall it was sooo yummy! As usually, at sushi restaurant, I always ask for mayonnaise for sushi dye. More yummy! Hehehe..

Monday, October 1, 2012

Buon Compleanno A Me!

Yesterday (September 30) was my born day! I turn to be 22 yo. Twins number!
I just wore very simple outfit: Turban from Tonik, Collar Necklace from Chloris, Stripes Tee from Unnamed Shop. My outfit was dominated by dusty pink with gold and little touch of washed blue-white jeans. This turban and tee has the same material. So comfy to wear. Me love it!

Had a late lunch at pizza restaurant with my boyfriend. I looooooove Italian Soda! My new favorite drink :))
Me likey Cheese Roll! Oh cheese! Say cheese :D

Buon Compleanno A Me!