Saturday, April 20, 2013

Signora Wear A Polkadot Pants

Crop Blouse from Thrift Shop, Wide Pants from Pasar Senen, Necklace from Pasar Senen, Flats from TLTSN

Lovely Fruits

I'm starting to consume more fruits from this April. Because I realized I rarely consume fruits. It was not good for body.
So, now I start to more healthy with consume more fruits and vegetables.
I also to start jogging again in weekend if I don't wake up late. Hahahaha :p

Beautiful Highland

2 weeks ago in Puncak (West Java) with my family. Not going to anywhere. Just stay overnight at Villa. Enjoyed the beautiful view in the morning. Fresh air.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Short Trip in Bandung

Last week, in a few days my friends and I went to Bandung for a short trip. Using traaaaain. A trip will be fun if you and your friends doing the trip by using the train. You'll gonna be a truly traveler or backpacker! Well, I will not tell you with a long story because the trip was short short short. Like a short pants hahah! I just tell you with some pictures.

Day 1 (Friday, 29 March 2013)

Start from Gambir Station.

 Took some funny silly pictures in a train :D

Arrived at Bandung Station. Took a picture in front of the Station. I wore Black and White Stripes Top from Pasar Senen, Trouser, Bowler Hat from Cute Fabric, Backpack from Crooz, Stripy Tote Bag gift from Auntie.

Dinner at Waroeng Setiabudhi (Surabi)

Day 2 (Saturday, 30 March 2013)

Ready to the next destination. I wore Broken White Top from Flea Market, Khaki Pants from Thrift Shop.

To Pasar Cimol Gedebage. This market is same like Pasar Senen in Jakarta. They sell used clothes. I just got two pieces of clothes. Me like, me like!
After shopping at Gedebage, we headed to Prima Rasa Bakery and Pastry (Bandung gift shop).
The time was almost show dinner time. So, we take a place at Kantin ITB Area and Black Romantic has become our option for dinner. The price is sooo affordable. The place is very recommended. The plating for a meal was niiiice. Cozy place to stay along with friends.