Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yesterday  I went to Gandaria City with my high school besties and the only one guy (who came) our high school class mate. I wore: ruffles outerwear Design By Myself, black tee, legging Miss A, house ring Chloris, shoes Amanda Janes for BE.BOB at Centro.

So happy for the day. Met with the besties after a long time. Although our two besties were not able to gather. One of our bestie is on stay in Japan. She got a scholarship in Japan. How a lucky she is: Jennifer. It was about 7 months she is stay in Japan. We miss her. The other one is Ujho. We didn't know why she couldn't come. She doesn't gave us the reason. As usual the girls do. Yes we took some photos of us, chit chat, window shopping.

Early dinner at Nanny's Pavillon Sewing Room. Drank ice tea and ate Potato Pancake which content consist of potato dough with mozarella cheese at the top and parsley, smoked beef and sausage, half-cooked sunny side up, and fresh salad with (maybe) lemon seasoning because it was sourness. I was surprised when the dish is came. It was a big portion that I had imagine. Thank's girls who has helped me to eat up the food. Hihi ;p

Okay after early dinner at Nanny's Pavillon, we continued to go to Solaria. Heheh.. I just ordered frozen cappuccino. Soft, sweet, mmm..sluuuurp :)

Thank's for today girls (Diana, Sasa, Debby, Devi) ({}) and thank you Beni :)

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