Sunday, January 15, 2012

You Are My Sugar

I Went to Kuningan City with my boyfriend today. Cloudy and then rainy..
Wore : broken white tees Flea Market, wide trouser Pasar Senen, necklace Flea Market, ring Flea Market, bag Gifted, flats Debenhams.

Actually, we just had one destination. Shopping to hypermarket. Okay, yes we were at Lotte Mart while arrived. We found some ingredients which we need to made a tuna sandwich. All ingredients have found. While I'm looking for vanilla essence (for made a cake), I saw package of Gulaku Sugar Sticks. These are so cute package. I bet you like these too. Really, these are so cute 

After shopping at hypermarket, we walked around to late lunch. Yes, because we were hungry and we had another destination. Late lunch. So hungry at that time. Because this mall is new, just some store have open. 

Lastly, this Tuna Sandwich made by me for my boyfriend. So easy dish. Just put your ingredients that you want or that you like (lettuce, paprika, onion, black pepper cheese, flakes tuna sandwich), spread the mayonnaise, and chili sauce on the bread. Hap! Say what you taste hahah :D

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  1. aww i love your pants !! btw your blog have many food and looking yumyyyy.