Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy 2nd Anniversary

last saturday was a lovely day, because it was our 2nd anniversary on December 3rd. so lovely. i wore: navy knit blouse Pasar Senen, classy lady necklace Pasar Senen, shredded jeans Nobby, fringe flats Milano

went to PIM and early dinner at Wendy’s. I ate spaghetti and drank orange juice. 

window shopping to book store and boutiques :p. then take some photos of us at photo booth with lomo effect. i love lomo effect. it’s vintage. by the way, sorry for the bad quality of this photo. i didn’t scan these photos hehe..

this is it.. my present for 2nd anniversary. i present this for my boyfriend. i just didn’t know what i have to present 2nd anniversary. just made a simple creations with the simple things.

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