Thursday, October 3, 2013

Food Hunter

I went to Kuningan City last Saturday with my bestie. Just window shopping, took some pictures with the robot and ate takoyaki. Hahahaha! I really damn much love takoyaki. The taste is extremely delicious and when takoyaki comes into your mouth, then you taste it.. ah heavenly oishii.. :p
I wore a simple broken white plain cotton t-shirt from Flea Market with a preppy dusty blue semi denim sleeveless shirt (wore as vest): Uniqlo at Pasar Senen, a vintage medium soft blue flowers skirt: Thrift Shop at Melawai, a pairs of pretty cool medium flowers boots: RCH Shop and a pretty classic black leather watch: Yema at Seiko Show Room.

After looking around and ate takoyaki, we were going next to Grand Indonesia. Just for looking around too. Hahahahaha! Looking for a nice restaurant. It was SushiGroove! I had Japaghetti. Japaghetti is Japanese Spaghetti. My choice was Kick and Chick'n. The taste? That was super delicious! It was not too much seasoning. I really looooove it. You should taste it!

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