Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rascho's Perform at 6th UAI Graduation

today was the 6th UAI Graduation day. there was some of our seniors (in Rascho) who are graduated. they are Restu Amalia (Accounting), Intania Radity (Laws), and also Fajar Pusposari (English Literature). between they are, Restu Amalia who is the popular girl in Rascho hahaha.. why? because she is the most longest in Rascho. she always participated in Rascho’s performing and the organization. kak Restu, that is the name we called her. aaah we’ll miss you kak Restuuu.

next year i’ll be the graduation ladies. insya Allah.. amiin..

me with kak Restu

with kak Riri (Fajar Pusposari)

alhamdulillah some people said that the choir is great performing, great improvement. the people’s comments will makes us grow to be better choir.

foundation, compact powder: by me, blush on: by me and dila, eye shadow: by sarah, eye liner: by sarah and rangga, eye brows: by rangga

wore : gamis made to be midi dress, bracelet Chloris, shoes Yongki Komaladi

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