Sunday, August 12, 2012

Breakfasting With Rascho

Mmm..those are looks yummy, beautiful and colourful, right? Those are fruitsy ice (es buah) for yesterday breakfasting ta'jil. Dragon fruit, melon, strawberry, mango, sweet basil and nata de coco in one glass with coco pandan syrup, vanilla condense milk and ice. Taste very sweet! Sluuuurp!

Well, the breakfasting was held by Rascacielos Choir (Rascho) UAI. This event was attended by Panti Asuhan Khairunnisa, Nasyid UAI, and of course the parts of Rascho. Because that was breakfasting event, of course there is many religious program such as marawis and reading the Al-Qur'an by Panti Asuhan Khairunnisa, several religious songs by Nasyid UAI, games about islamic. Not only that, but also, we (active members of Rascho) sang two songs as a present from Rascho for them.

Aaaaand these are some photos that we took at the end of breakfasting:
Rascho with whole guests and crew
Rascho with Nasyid UAI
Just Rascho and the Jacket :D

Photos source:
Photo 1 and 2 original taken by my self.
Photo 3 and 4 from Woro.
Photo 5 from Shasa.