Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Start Blogging Again in June

Hello peoples! I'm back for blogging again. It's been a long long time that I didn't blog since 3 months ago. I still writing my thesis. It's out of my target. I just can't wait until my thesis is done to posting something on my blog. Because I miss blogging.
Since I writing my thesis, not too many activities what I've done. Just writing thesis, make a simple breakfast, take some photos and then upload on instagram. I spent my time just at home, at campus, sometimes I spent time with my family or my boyfriend on weekend.
And now, I write on my blog because I just very miss blogging. Here is my Sunday photos story with my boyfriend.

Finally I posting my outfit photos again on my blog. These are what I wore today on Sunday. I wore lace shirt that I bought at Branded Sale Bazaar and tailored pants. I love the color. It's pale pink. And I love lace. I pin the kitty brooch on my shirt collar. That is my mom's brooch hehehe.. 

I went to Parish Cake with my boyfriend and ate happening cake in the world. It's rainbow cake and red velvet cake. Yes it's first time for me ate rainbow cake and red velvet cake. I just curious and wanna know the taste. I think the taste of rainbow cake is good enough. But some layers not fluffy. Sweet? Of course yes. Don't ask me about the sweet taste. Because it was sweet enough. When I was eating the red velvet cake, it's smelt in my mouth. About the strawberry tea that I've drink, that was not like a strawberry tea. But it was like a strawberry ice, not like a tea with strawberry flavor.

Many photos and stories that I want to share with you dear peoples. I will posting it little by little. Maybe just photos not with the stories hehehe :p
See you later on my next posting. Maybe tomorrow, day after tomorrow, next week, or next month. Good night. Sweet dream..

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